Suzanne White

Meet Suzanne White – Prince Edward County agent with Harvey Kalles.

Suzanne began her career in real estate in 2015 as a member of a real estate team. She worked closely with one of the area’s top selling agents for six years and learned an enormous amount during that time. Eventually she felt called to head out on her own. After a lot of research and interview she chose a brokerage that felt right for her and became the first Harvey Kalles salesperson/broker in the area.

Suzanne has lived and worked in Prince Edward County since 2000. This has given her 21 years of knowledge as a parent, teacher, coach friend and community member. Truly immersing herself in the community has given her a deep understanding of Prince Edward County and the surrounding areas and she is able to guide her clients to their perfect spot in this popular destination.

As a former teacher Suzanne deeply values education. She sees her role not as a salesperson, but as a provider of information and education and as someone who will guide her clients through the ever changing process of real estate buying and selling. It is important to her that her clients are armed with knowledge so they can make an informed decision. For the vast majority of people a house is the largest purchase they will ever make in their lives. Suzanne feels a tremendous responsibility to ensure her clients are making the very best choice for themselves.

Suzanne also combines her skills as a coach and guidance counselor to read the situation, be assertive as needed and help her clients with the day in their real estate adventures.

Over the past six years, Suzanne has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions and has gained incredible insight into the process. Her passion for house and people translates into an incredible experience for her clients and often results not only in happy home-owners or sellers, but also in lasting friendships.

If this sounds like the type of representation you are looking for, please reach out and let the adventure begin!